Hallmark Public School

Success Story

Hallmark Public School

Hallmark public school is all about honest competition and moral values. These values are essential requirements to build a foundation of student’s life. They believe in developing particular skills and exhibiting their non-academic abilities.


“The mission was to see each student of Hallmark develop their own potential to contribute to the welfare of mankind.”


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Hallmark, a well-known CBSE School in Panchkula was established in 2004 in Chandigarh. The aim of the team was to enable students to become academically and personally successful people. The School also wanted to provides wonderful opportunities for the students to develop their interests in Public Speaking, Quizzing, Environment Awareness and Conservation, Dance, Music, Art, Skating, Games etc.

Case study

As with all school marketing activities, branding is a very important aspect. Your brand is your identity and as your website will be one of the first ports of call for the majority of your prospective parents, it is important to ensure your brand is fervent throughout your online proposition, defining your identity and personality as a school. Their expectation was a website layout, should be streamlined that provides a helpful information in small chunks without making too cluttered. Therefore, we kept the homepage simple and sophisticated, with quick to follow navigation links to the rest of the website. The addition of small tit-bits, images, and SEO friendly content not only made the website easy to comprehend for the user but also worked towards increasing its visibility in search engine results. Our team also added the guidance information as well as upcoming events on an easy to access section on the front to make the website all the more functional and navigation-friendly.


Our team focused on long term goals as per our client’s requirements and achieved some impressive results:

  • Increased brand awareness across various social media platforms by conducting student engagement activities.
  • Created customized landing pages to generate 700+ Leads from local communities.
  • Achieved Top Search Rankings on Google India Search for major curriculum specific keywords.