Transhome 360 is a one-stop solution for delivering all trucking needs
like, dispatch, maintenance, GPS tracking, report, accounting, and other features.


In 2015, AbeerTech reoriented their business with Transhome360 with 55{39bcc38004b72261fc68559ab6b17f1fb88a61aa79ea9b5cb69bd38ea9ea8d37} stakes and the first beta version of Transhome360 was launched in January 2016. AbeerTech Transhome360 in an easy to use web application with a user-friendly interface to operate your trucking business even remotely. Also, with a bunch of attractive features, it will help customers with all logistics needs including dispatch, maintenance, GPS tracking, report, accounting, and so on at one platform. Besides working on Transhome360 web application, we designed and developed an extensive full project execution guideline with easy understanding for target customer. Our dedicated route assessment team uses the latest technology to provide our client a detailed & customized report identifying all potential risks, transport options, and permit requirements prior to movement.

Our efforts to continually control cost and drive efficiency will be crucial to its overall success. We’ve decided to provide all the tools necessary to track and report project status and supplier performance, as well as identifying and developing any additional capabilities.

Why Transhome 360?

Realizing the fact that companies and customers have to deal with tough times while understanding the functionality of their trucking software’s, AbeerTech came up with Transhome360, a ‘logistics’ based app to speed up the ease of managing trucking business. With this user-friendly web application, your trucking business will be simplified and can be improved successfully.